Dundalk Leisurecraft

Dundalk Leisurecraft

Dundalk Leisurecraft is a Canadian manufacturer of quality leisure, home and garden products. Our complete line of Cedar Barrel Saunas, Outdoor Log Furniture and Indoor Log Furniture are handcrafted in Dundalk, Ontario Canada.

All the products from this collection come in Cedar kits. Western Red Cedar is known for its extraordinary durability and resistance to spoilage and cedar has prime insulating qualities, which makes our saunas very economical to heat. Red Cedar has naturally  a specific smell, which is not released by any other type of wood. This is experienced as very soothing. Red Cedar also has antibacterial properties and natural oils, making the wood ideal for outdoor products. 


About Leisurecraft Europe

Leisurecraft Europe imports and distributes quality leisure products

First of all, what is leisure? It's spare time, off-time. You-time. Our exclusive wellness and outdoor collection is all about enjoying your freetime and spending it outside. Unwind after a long day in your outdoor sauna. Enjoy your evenings together in a hot tub. Or sit back and sip on your favourite drink in the Canadian adirondack chair while the kids are playing.

All of our product lines are manufactured with the best quality materials and aesthetic designs that will perfectly fit outdoor and indoor spaces. We always strive to give outstanding customer service and advise our customers in the best possible way. 

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