About Leisurecraft Europe

Leisurecraft Europe imports and distributes quality leisure, home, and garden products throughout Europe. 

Do you want to have a bbq with your friends in your backyard? Do you want to have a place to relax after a long day of work in your own house?

Our complete collections are thought exclusively for you. The polar grills, nordic hot tubs, outdoor showers, gazebos, and saunas are waiting for you. It is up to you to choose the one that fits you and your house the most. All of our product lines are manufactured with the best quality materials and aesthetic designs that will perfectly fit outdoor and indoor spaces.

We always strive to give outstanding customer service and advise our customers in the best possible way. 

Mission and vision

Mission: Bring inspiration, relaxation, and outstanding experiences for our customers.
Vision: Offer the best quality leisure, home and garden products in Europe by providing relaxing experiences and selling a wide range of quality creations with an aesthetic design for indoors and outdoors.

Our product lines

All our product lines are manufactured with quality materials that will last for a long time in your backyard. Every line has special qualities that are iconic and will make every space look great at any time of the year. 

Dundalk leisurecraft red cedar outdoor saunas, hot tub, showers and gazebo Canadian timber collection white cedar outdoor saunas and showers

Dundalk Leisurecraft

Dundalk Leisurecraft is a distributor of quality leisure, home and garden products. The complete line of Cedar Barrel Saunas, Hot tubs, Showers and Cedar Gazebos is handcrafted in Dundalk, Ontario Canada.

Canadian Timber

The Canadian Timber Collection is an economically priced selection of our best-selling products available to Brick & Mortar and Online Retailers globally. Enjoy the same unique designs and high quality built with Eastern White Cedar and shipped in Easy assemble kits.

Red cedar privacy Pure Cube Sauna

Pure Cube

The Pure Cube collection is a charming and sophisticated design that features large window panels on the front wall. Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere with the optional semi-privacy panels. Relax and rejuvenate with your family or friends in this clean and modern Pure Cube Sauna.

Nordic Hot Tubs

Nordic Hot Tubs are made from most high quality components sourced from quality suppliers. This unique Jacuzzi comes with powerful hydrotherapy jets and ergonomic seats, an easy-to-use control system and more. Looking for a great spa experience and a natural Red Cedar look? Nordic Hot Tub is your choice!


Our Materials

Red Cedar Clear

Red cedar comes from British Columbia Forest. It gives off a typical scent that has a calming effect. This aroma is usually described as the signature sauna scent. Besides, the red cedar is resistant to moisture, so your sauna will last for years.   

Red Cedar Knotty

Red Cedar knotty also comes from British Columbia Forest. The wood from these trees are smaller, or it has more benches in the top part, so the wood has more knots. This cedar is a high-quality material that will give your product a long life.

White Cedar

White Cedar wood is family of the Hemlock pine that grows mainly in Canada and west of the United States.