Echoe Gazebo Red Cedar

Made from the finest quality red cedar to give a stunning finish, this gazebo is perfect for those looking for a spot of privacy.
The Echoe Gazebo Red Cedar Clear includes:

  • fully Canadian Red Cedar (FSC) easy to assemble kit with quality assembly instructions
  • railings on 2 sides
  • a louvered wall on the back side
  • open front wall
  • skylight dome for extra natural light
  • 1 extra Louver Wall
  • 1 Wall with Side Bar
  • 3 Stools
  • 5 year warranty

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Starting from


    • 8495 €
      Gazebo set Echoe 244 x 244 Package Deal


Design: Complete with enclosed roof and a louvered wall on one side this amazing gazebo is ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy themselves without the feeling that they’re being watched. As a result it makes for a wonderful addition to any outside spa or jacuzzi.

Wood type: Western Red Cedar is very suitable for Outdoor products. It is in high demand for its durability, decay resistance and dimensional stability, and due to its porous cell structure. Also it is light in weight and makes the best insulator of all the cedars.




Assembly PDF