Eagle Nest Sauna Red Cedar Clear

The Eagles Nest sauna is a unique design that will blend in with your modern home or rustic cottage.
This Eagles Nest Sauna Clear includes:

  • fully Canadian Red Cedar (FSC) easy to assemble kit with quality assembly instructions
  • clear Red Cedar door (incl. Red Cedar door handle) with window and magnetic closure
  • adjustable ventilation, coat rack, towel rack and 2 headrests
  • 2 long benches with built in angled back rests
  • 5 year warranty

Product info Technical info

Starting from


    • 8295 €
      2-4 persons Eagles Nest Sauna Red Cedar Clear

    Select Heater

    • 0 €
      No Heater
    • 346 €
      Electric heater Helo cup 8 kw, incl. stones
    • 656 €
      Electric heater Helo Ring Wall 8 kw incl. stones
    • 1795 €
      Wood burning heater Harvia Legend incl. stones, chimney (CE Proved) and protection plates
    • 1195 €
      Wood burning heater Harvia M3 incl. stones, chimney (CE Proved) and protection plates

    Select Porch or Changeroom

    • 1815 €
      This 60cm (2' )front porch option provides a comfortable cooling down area outside your sauna.
    • 4295 €
      The 120cm (4') Changeroom With Benches offers a convenient changing area when your sauna is farther away

    Select Other Upgrades

    • 250 €
      Window in back wall, 51 x 76 cm bronzed glass. Only available for electric heated saunas.
    • 275 €
      2 Windows in front wall, 23 x 66 cm bronzed plate glass

    Select Accessories

    • 38 €
      To put your drinks in.
    • 52 €
      Red Cedar Sauna Light shade (size 17.8 x 15.2 x 30.5 cm), excl. fitting. Can be used inside or outside the sauna.
    • 72 €
      For extra Back comfort.
    • 72 €
      For extra Back comfort. Size 40.6 x 48.3 x 14 cm.
    • 26 €
      For putting your towel(s) on while enjoying a relaxing bath moment.
    • 38 €
      Fitting for Red Cedar Sauna Light shade
    • 149 €
      Complete set of bucket, ladle, sandglass and themo hygrometer.
    • 55 €
      Order your Dundalk Sauna with a solar light to mount above the sauna door for a soft natural light.


Design: Enjoy the great outdoors all 4 seasons with this stylish sauna at your home or cottage! Handcrafted in Canada with Canadian western red cedar this quality kit will give you years of sauna enjoyment. The sauna door in the barrel is a solid cedar door frame with full glass bronze tempered window. At the heart of this sauna is a SaunaCraft stainless-steel sauna heater or wood burning sauna heater that will heat up the Eagles Nest in 30 minutes or less.

Wood type: Western Red Cedar is very suitable for Saunas. It is in high demand for its durability, decay resistance and dimensional stability, and due to its porous cell structure. Also it is light in weight and makes the best insulator of all the cedars. Clear Western Red Cedar wood in general has no knots, in contrast to  Knotty Western Red Cedar planks.

Heaters: You can go for an electric heater or a wood-heated sauna stove.
Helo Electric heaters: When you don’t want to make fire with wood, electric heaters are a great alternative. Helo stands for a fusion of tradition and modern technology. You can choose between 2 different designs: the stylish Helo Cup or robust Helo Ring Wall.
Harvia Wood-heated sauna stoves: Classically stylish in its design, Harvia wood-heated stoves give a very pleasant even and natural heat in the sauna. Visible burning fire guarantee the ultimate relaxing sauna experience.




Assembly PDF

Diagrams (Measurements)